What is FlexHEX?

Every software professional knows what hex editor is. Inspecting binary output, quick fixing executable or data files, creating binary files for test runs - these and hundreds of similar tasks, make a hex editor an indispensable tool in the professional's toolbox.

And FlexHEX is the tool! It is a feature-rich and powerful hex editor, and whatever your demands are, you will find that FlexHEX meets them.

... And Why FlexHEX?

FlexHEX offers a rich set of features including several unique ones no competing product provides:

  • A rich set of hex editing tools,
  • ASCII, multi-byte (MBCS), and UNICODE character string editing,
  • Support for files up to 8 exabytes long, that is the NTFS theoretical limit,
  • Direct editing of logical disks and physical drives,
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo list,
  • Copying, pasting, and drag-and-drop of data blocks of unlimited size,
  • Full support for OLE compound files,
  • Full support for NTFS multi-stream files,
  • Creating and editing NTFS sparse files,
  • And more! Please click here to see the complete feature list.

FlexHEX has been designed specifically for software developers and software specialists. If you are one, FlexHEX is your tool, with the interface you know by heart, and doing things exactly the way you are used to.

Take a minute to learn more how FlexHEX can help you in your everyday work. Click here to take the FlexHEX online tour.