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You can download FlexHEX Editor free of charge for evaluation purposes. The software trial is valid for 30 days from the time you install it.

FlexHEX Installation File

FlexHEX Editor - a full-featured hex editor for software professionals. Can edit huge files, NTFS alternate streams, sparse files, OLE compound files, logical disks, and physical drives.

Download FlexHEX Editor!

FlexHEX Editor Version 2.6 for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
flexhex_setup.exe (3.01 Mb)

Click here to view FlexHEX version history list.

Free Utilities

These command line tools supplement the articles in the Documentation section and can be used free of charge.

ln.zip - a command-line utility, similar to the Unix ln command that lets creating hard links, directory junctions (soft links), and Windows shortcuts.

streamtools.zip - a set of command line tools for working with alternate data streams. Contains utilities for copying, deleting, renaming, listing, and locating alternate streams.

Partner Products

We have partnered with Heaventools Software to bring you more great software products. The PowerPack bundle includes FlexHEX Editor and PE Explorer, a tool for browsing, analyzing, editing, and disassembling native win32 executables. We believe FlexHEX Editor and PE Explorer complement each other perfectly - buy both the products as a bundle and save!

Get FlexHEX + PE Explorer PowerPack Bundle!

FlexHEX Editor and PE Explorer PowerPack Bundle
powerpack.zip (6.61 Mb)

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