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Replacing Data

This command replaces occurrences of binary or text data with the specified data.

       Replace Dialog

Select the data format and enter the appropriate data in the Find What and Replace With fields. Separate numeric values with commas and/or spaces.

The numeric values may be signed decimal or unsigned hexadecimal bytes, words, double-, and quadwords. Please remember that multi-byte values and UNICODE characters entered are interpreted according to the current byte order setting.

When specifying an ANSI or a UNICODE string, use escape sequences to represent special or non-printable characters. Note however that the zero character is not allowed in strings because zero is interpreted as the string terminator.

The search goes from the current position to the beginning or to the end of the file depending on the selected direction. The Find button finds the next occurrence, the Replace button finds and replaces the next occurrences, and the Replace All button searches for and replaces all the remaining occurrences until the end (or the beginning) of the file is reached.


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