The Multi-Search command locates all occurrences of text or binary data in the file. It works very similar to the Find All command, although there are a few differences:

  • The Find All command can search for a single pattern only, so searching for several patterns needs several passes. The Multi-Search command performs only one pass, no matter how many patterns are being looked for.
  • The Multi-Search command lets you specify a different color for each pattern.
  • Unlike the Find All command, which searches the whole file, the Multi-Search command can scan only the specified range.

Because of the two latter options, sometimes Multi-Search is preferable to Find All even for single-pattern search.

Multi-Search Dialog

The uppermost group of four buttons lets you create, edit, and delete search patterns.

The Load and the Save buttons perform reading search patterns from a file, or saving the currently defined patterns to a file for later use.

Checking the Search Range box makes available the From and To/Size fields, where you can specify to what part of the file the search should be limited.