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Comparison Pane

The Comparison Pane shows the result of the stream comparison as the complete list of the identical and the differing blocks.

       Comparison Pane

There are three types of blocks (see the Comparison Map topic for the detailed discussion). Clicking a Start address jumps to the start of the block; clicking the Size value selects the block. Clicking the Corresponds To address jumps to the start of the corresponding block in the other file.

Tip The Comparison pane shows the blocks of the current stream only the other stream has its own Comparison pane. For instance, if the comparison result consists of a matching block only, this does not necessary mean that the streams are identical. The other file may have a unique block in the beginning and/or in the end. Press F6 to switch the current view and make sure the corresponding Comparison pane also shows a single matching block.


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