Search and Replace Commands

The commands in this group allow you to find and locate binary and text data.

Command Shortkey Action
Find Ctrl-F Opens the Find dialog
Find Next F3 Finds the next data occurrence
Find Previous Shift-F3 Finds the previous data occurrence
Find Selected Ctrl-F3 Finds the next occurrence of the currently selected data
Multi-Search Searches for several search patterns at once.
Discard Search Result Discards the result of the previous Find All / Multi-Search commands, and clears the Found pane.
Replace Ctrl-H Opens the Replace dialog
Scan for Strings Scans for ANSI or UNICODE strings
Scan for GUIDs Scans for COM Class and Interface IDs
Pattern Coloring Specifies patterns to be shown in color in the edit window.
Compare Compares the current stream with a file or a disk
Compare Again Repeats the last comparison operation
Discard Comparison Result Discards the result of the last comparison