First Glance

When you are editing a file using FlexHEX, the screen will look more or less like the screenshot below:

FlexHEX Window FlexHEX Window

Aside from usual elements like a menu or a toolbar, the program window includes five important parts, deserving a more detailed discussion:

Main edit window - that's what makes FlexHEX a hex editor. This is the place where you see the contents of files and disks and where you make all data modifications.

File Map shows the layout of the file, that is the parts that were modified, and the parts that remain unchanged.

Navigation panel - as the name implies, it is used for quick navigation and lets you browse through streams, sparse regions, modified areas, and bookmarks.

Data panel contains several panes assisting you in locating and inspecting various data objects: data fields, ANSI or UNICODE strings, and COM class and interface identifiers.

The status bar contains a set of useful state indicators.