FlexHEX lets you edit not only files but also drives, such as floppy A or disk C. There are two kind of drives:

Physical drive is a real storage device, like a hard disc or a flash card. The system can't use a physical drive directly – you should partition it first, that is create one or more (up to four) logical drives.

Logical drive is designated by a letter with a colon. To be usable, a logical drive must be formatted and mounted

You can edit a drive with FlexHEX exactly the same way as you edit a file. However there several differences:

  • Unlike a file, a drive is a fixed-size stream. It is not recommended to edit it in the Insert mode; if you do, be careful and pay attention to the Shift indicator.
  • A drive has a single stream; the items you see in the Stream Pane are just views of the main stream. When you edit, say, MFT, you actually edit the main stream. And as a result, drives have only one associated undo list.

Editing a logical or a physical drive is a dangerous operation, you can easily lose all the data on the drive by doing that. Don't attempt to edit a drive unless you completely understand what you are doing.