Quick View

FlexHEX makes active use of floating tip windows to show useful information. The same technique is used for inspecting data values.

In order to activate the Quick View feature, select the data and point the cursor to the selected area. A floating window appears showing all the available data interpretations.

Quick View Pop-up Window

The Quick View window appears not for any selected area – there must exist at least one valid interpretation. For example, if you select five bytes, the Quick View Window will not appear because FlexHEX knows no interpretation for five byte long data. Likewise, not every 8-byte value represents a valid file time, or a valid float, and so on. As you can see on the screenshot above, the Quick View window does not contain a float value because that bit combination does not represent a valid floating point number.

The Quick View feature works also with other objects – addresses in the Address Pane, bookmarks, and data fields. Just point the cursor, and the floating Quick View window will appear.

Quick View Cursor When some quick info available for the data or the object under the cursor, the cursor changes to the arrow-with-question-mark picture.

Known Interpretations

Type Size, bytes
Integer 1, 2, 4, or 8
Float 4 or 8
time_t 4