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FlexHEX lets you perform the following operations:

Bitwise Operations

This group includes NOT (bit inversion), OR (logical addition), AND (logical multiplication), and XOR (exclusive OR). Unlike other operations, the bitwise operations are always performed on byte wide operands (however you can process any number of bytes in a single operation).

Arithmetic Operations

The arithmetic operations group includes arithmetic negation (sign change), addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and taking division remainder. The operations can be performed on bytes, words, double words, and quad words.

Shifts and Rotates

Includes logical (unsigned) shifts, arithmetic (signed) shifts, and rotates. Like the arithmetic operations, shifts and rotates can be performed on bytes, words, double words, and quad words.

An operation is performed on the selected block. If no selection is active, the operation will be performed on the whole file or stream.


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