Clipboard and Drag-and-Drop

FlexHEX fully supports drag-and-drop operations. Just select a block of data and drag it to another place or even to another application:

Dragging selected block

If you want to insert file contents, simply drag the file from the Explorer window. If you want to save a block to a file, select it, and drag the selected block to the Explorer window.

While dragging, hold down the Ctrl or Alt key to force the copy or the move mode.

It is important in which edit pane clipboard copy or drag-and-drop occurs. If the active pane is the Hex pane, FlexHEX copies or drags binary data. If the ANSI or UNICODE pane is active, the data copied is ANSI or UNICODE text.

The same is true for pasting or dropping. The hex pane accepts binary data or files. The ANSI and UNICODE panes accept text data converting them to the appropriate form if necessary.

Insertion occurs only if you drop a file into one of the editing panes. If you drop a file (or files) outside the edit window, FlexHEX will simply open the dropped file for editing.