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Bitwise Operations

The Bitwise Operations group includes NOT (bit inversion), OR (logical addition), AND (logical multiplication), and XOR (exclusive OR).

       Bitwise Operations

An operation is performed on the selected block. If no selection is active, the operation will be performed on the whole file (stream).

The second operand may be either a clipboard contents, or immediate data as a sequence of hex bytes, an ANSI string, or a UNICODE string. If the second operand is shorter than the selected block (stream), it will be used repetitively. For example, on the screenshot above the second operand can be considered as an infinite periodic sequence "F0,0F,F0,0F,F0,0F..." and will result inverting the upper nibble (4 bits) of every even byte, and lower nibble of every odd byte.

Tip Note that the NOT operation (bit inversion) does not require a second operand.


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