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Files and Drives

Inspecting Data

Editing Data

Undo and Redo

Entering and Deleting Data

Clipboard and Drag&Drop

Copy Formatted

Edit Selected

Edit Data Field


Bitwise Operations

Arithmetic Operations

Shifts and Rotates

Insert Immediate Data

Insert Zero Block

Import and Export


Search and Replace


Complex Data Types

Advanced Features



Data Editing Commands




Undo Ctrl-Z Undoes the last change
Redo Ctrl-Y Redoes the change last undone
Undo List Browses the Undo List
Cut Ctrl-X Deletes the selected data block and moves it to the Clipboard
Copy Ctrl-C Copies the selected data to the Clipboard
Copy Selected As Copies the selected data to the Clipboard as a typed value
Paste Ctrl-V Pastes the Clipboard contents at the current position
Delete Del Deletes the current byte or the selected block if any
Backspace Backspace Deletes the previous byte or the selected block if any
Select All Ctrl-A Selects the whole stream
Select Opens the selection window
Edit Selected As Edits the selected data as a typed value
Edit Data Field Edits a previously defined data filed
Bitwise Operations Performs a bitwise (logical) operation
Arithmetic Operations Performs an arithmetic operation
Shifts and Rotates Logical shifts, arithmetic shifts, and bit rotates
Insert Immediate Data Inserts a block of user-defined data
Insert Zero Block Inserts a block of zeros
Write to File Writes the selected area to a file
Insert from File Inserts the contents of the specified file at the current position
Import Reads and converts the data from the specified text CSV file
Export Writes the selected area to a text file as comma-separated values


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