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Basically, string is just an array, which elements are characters or wide (UNICODE) characters. The main difference is in the way the string is edited - string is treated as a single object, not as a set of independent values.

Like any array, a string may be either of a fixed or of a variable length.

struct PascalString {
  unsigned byte StrLength;
  char String[StrLength];

Zero Terminated Strings

In addition to fixed and variable size specifier, character arrays may have no size specifier at all.

struct CString {
  char szString[];

This syntax is allowed only to character and wide character arrays and means that the string is zero-terminated. The actual size of the string is calculated as the number of characters including the terminating zero character.

Tip You cannot declare a zero-terminated string type. Strings with omitted size specifier may occur only as a field declaration within a composite data object (structure or union).


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