Structure Definition File

Structure definition file is a text file, containing one or more definitions. Its syntax is based on C language declaration syntax, although there are a number of differences. A simple structure definition may look like

struct RgbColor {
  unsigned byte Red;
  unsigned byte Green;
  unsigned byte Blue;

It defines a structured type RgbColor, consisting of three unsigned decimal values, each one byte long.

Case Sensitivity

Identifiers are case-sensitive. For example, RgbColor and RGBColor are considered different.

Keywords may be in upper or lower case. Mixed case is not allowed, that is struct and STRUCT are valid keywords, and Struct is not.


FlexHEX supports C++ style comments: /*...*/ and //

/* This comment may occupy several lines.
   All text between the comment brackets is ignored.
   Nested comments are not allowed. */

// End-of-line comment: all text from double slash to end of line is ignored.

Visibility Scope

Every definition file creates its own namespace, so the same type name may occur in several definition files.