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Array is a composite data object, each element of which has the same type.

dword arr[4];

This construct defines a type arr which consists of four hexadecimal 32-bit words.

The same syntax is used to declare a structure or a union field:

struct Vector {
  dword arr[4];

It is interesting to note that you can combine the above definitions:

dword arr[4];
struct Vector {
  arr arr;

There is no identifier conflict because the first arr is the type name, and the second arr is the field name (this is not a recommended practive though).

Variable size arrays

You can specify a name of a numeric field in the square brackets instead of a number. The content of the appropriate field will be used as the array dimension.

struct CHUNK {
  unsigned dword nElements;
  hex dword Element[nElements];

For obvious reason you cannot define a variable size array type because no size field is available on the top declaration level. Variable size arrays are allowed only as fields within a composite data object (structure or union).


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