FlexHEX Editor - Just the Right Tool to Edit Binaries


Hex Editing for Beginners

Modification Tracking

File Comparison

Hot Tracking File Changes

Accessing Locked Files

Online Help


Files and Drives

Inspecting Data

Editing Data


Search and Replace


Complex Data Types

Advanced Features


NTFS Alternate Streams

Links, Junctions, Shortcuts

NTFS Sparse Files



Tutorials and How-Tos

The tutorials and usage examples will help you to use FlexHEX most effectively.

Online Help

A complete and detailed description of all the program features:

Articles and Sources

The articles in this section give a detailed introduction to advanced Windows features you can use in your programs.

Although the intended audience for these articles is mostly software developers, the articles are supplemented by a number of general-purpose utilities. If you are not interested in programming how-tos and just want to get the tools, go to the appropriate article and skip down to the download section.


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